DigiChain needs to be served from a web-server to function.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Up / Down Arrow Keys when a sample row is highlighted, this changes the highlighted sample
P plays the currently highlighted sample in the list. (also in edit panel)
I inverts the selected items in the list
Escape closes any open dialog windows and stops all sample playback
Enter / Return toggles the selection of the currently highlighted sample in the list
L / S / R / D changes the channel for stereo files being processed to mono (also on edit panel in mono contexts.)
Number keys 1 through 0 play the selected sample in the position of the key with 0 == 10
E Opens the edit panel for the currently highlighted sample
Hold Shift Key while dropping files will randomly select files upto the currently set grid-size value
Edit Panel, N Create new slice
Edit Panel, U Update current slice
Edit Panel, X Remove current slice

Shift + Click / Shift + Key
Up / Down Keys moves the highlighted sample up or down in the list
Waveform View plays the sample looped, click again to go back to one-shot
Slice Grid Number & Off Buttons changes the slice grid size, AND sets the number of selected samples in the list
Duplicate Icon puts the duplicated file at the end of the sample list
Move Up Icon moves directly to the top of the sample list
Move Down Icon moved directly to the end of the sample list
L S R D Options sets all stereo samples method for mono conversion (take left, right, or sum to mono)
Download All processed files will have the imported folder structure flattened into their file names (all files will be at the root level of the zip file)
Joined / Joined Spaced audio will be resampled internally back to the list instead of prompting to save as a file (clicking the filename in the list will still allow the wav download)
E Opens the editor panel for the currently highlighted sample, with the file name and path inputs editable, and the filename input keyboard focused
P plays the currently highlighted sample looped
H Toggles showing/hiding the top buttons panel, to give more space for the grid
L Toggles showing/hiding the samples list/grid.
Slice Sample Options Will put the slices in the list directly below the source sample
G Toggles grid-view/list-view (grid-view is now the default for narrow screen width devices like phones)
Column Header Sorts the list, but will keep the selected items grouped to the top of the list
Reset Button Randomizes the order of the list
Check Sample Row Button Will select all samples between the highlighted sample and the clicked sample (inclusive). Ctrl+Shift+Click will de-select
Truncate / Crush Shows popup to enter a custom value
Sample Slice In slicing panel, toggles looping the clicked slice (for .ot exports)

Ctrl/CMD + Click
Slice Grid Number Buttons prompts to enter a custom value for the slice grid
Slice Grid Off Button restores the default slice grid options
Row Selected Header Toggles select / de-select all samples in list
Row Slice Icon Clear any related slice data
Time Limit prompts to enter a custom value for the timed chain lengths when that mode is enabled
Sample Slice In slicing panel, previews (plays) the slice clicked on
Add Samples Icon Adds a blank sample to list

Ctrl/CMD + Shift + Click
On the edit panel, when clicking the waveform, this will set the end point selection to the clicked position and move the start point to the previous end point value
Sample Slice In slicing panel, toggles the file loop start point to be from the start of the clicked slice, blue dotted line is loop on, yellow dashed line is loop ping-pong (for .ot exports)
Stretch Shortest / Longest Selected action, value entered will be treated as samples instead of seconds when setting the stretch length.

Alt + Key
Number 1 - 0, P Stops the playback and looping of the sample

Choose how many slices to make from

Loading samples